Welcome to my blog. :)

This year I’ll be posting 64 posts while I’m 64. (And I will try not to do most of them again in the last couple of months!)

This year I’m choosing “To trusting more (and more!)” for my subtitle. Maybe because I am so often so good at resisting what is. Maybe because my fear is tipped too far out these days and needs some vanquishing. And because it rhymes with sixty-four. ;-)

Thanks very much for visiting. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here.

P.S. My grand plan is to write 64 postcards, but I understand this goal may become too big, so I am hoping if need be I can just allow there to be some postcards and some that might not be able to become postcards?!? (This is me trying to allow for things to be a little less hard. :)

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My Blogs and Their Focus
My current plan is to stay with my present blog for going forward. Each year, I’ll explain on this page what the focus will be for the year, and I will simply start the numbering of posts over again, i.e. 1 through 54, 1 through 55 and so on. I’d like to grow my following in this fashion. Below are the links to my first two efforts, and I’ll continue to list each year’s theme (or not!) as this project continues to unfold.

1) While I was 52
52 at 52: Let the Fun Begin
(This was my first blog. My commitment was to do 52 new things while I was 52 and write a post for each one.)

2) While I was 53
No Holds Barred: 53 at 53
This second blog was wide open/no theme—I felt constricted in my first blog, so I opted to write about anything.

3) While I was 54
No Holds Barred:
54 at 54—All Things Mexico
My plan for this third year of blogging was to write about all things that touch on Mexico, be it memories or dreams, cultural, literary, language, locales and the like. This year of posts runs 1 through 54 from April of 2012 through March of 2013.

4) While I was 55
No Holds Barred:
55 at 55—Be This Alive
For this year’s blogging I didn’t restrict the topics of my posts, but I did choose “Be This Alive” for the year’s subtitle. For whatever reason, this jumped out at me from the film Shall We Dance. Jennifer Lopez is working with Richard Gere on the tango in preparation for an upcoming dance competition. “Be this alive,” she tells him. “Be this alive.” Though I have a goofy grin on my face as I admit the origins of the subtitle here, what better advice could any of us take in?!!?! This year of posts runs 1 through 55 from April of 2013 through March of 2014.

5) While I was 56
No Holds Barred:
56 at 56—Here’s to a juicy, messy mix!
Again, no restrictions during this year in terms of “theme.” This year of posts runs 1 through 56 from April of 2014 through March of 2015.

6) While I was 57
No Holds Barred:
57 at 57—Honoring both sides of heaven!
No specific “theme” again this year, though I was interested in paying attention to things on both sides of the veil.  ;-)
This year of posts runs 1 through 57 from April of 2015 through March of 2016.

7) While I was 58
No Holds Barred:
58 at 58—To magic, irksome twists of fate!
No specific “theme” again this year, but I was looking to accept and embrace what came my way, both the annoying or challenging and the serendipitous. ;-)
This year of posts runs 1 through 58 from April of 2016 through March of 2017.

8) While I was 59
No Holds Barred:
59 at 59—Dreaming, Daytime and Nighttime
This year I was going for a loose theme of dreaming—both waking dreams and sleeping dreams, daydreams and dreamy thoughts. This year of posts runs 1 through 59 from April of 2017 through March of 2018.

9) While I was 60
No Holds Barred:
60 at 60—Toward Tenderness for You, for Me
This year I decided to have no “theme,” per se, but to dedicate my blog the way I used to dedicate my calendars years ago when I made them each Christmas for gifts, as a sense of where I hope the coming year might take me, where it might take us together. ;-)

10) While I was 61
No Holds Barred:
61 at 61—Devotion and Big Fun!
No specific “theme” again this year other than wanting to embrace devotion and big fun! I am not sure I managed either, but the intention still counts, yes?! This year of posts runs 1 through 61 from April of 2019 through March of 2020.

11) While I was 62
No Holds Barred:
62 at 62—May we be tender / May we stay true
No specific “theme” again this year other than this metta wish for all of us. This year of posts runs 1 through 62 from April of 2020 through March of 2021—our pandemic year.

12) While I was 63
No Holds Barred:
63 at 63—Letting it be okay to just be me
No specific theme this year, either, but I liked my subtitle here and chose it because the larger “always” goal of letting go is buried in this more specific hope, and because at 63 I still long to find this ease in myself. This year of posts runs 1 through 63 from April of 2021 through March of 2022.