Autumn greetings

Dear readers,

I am so sorry to have disappeared on you again. I really miss feeling like a writer, and I am hopeful I’ll be returning to regular postings here very soon. Part of me has been tempted to give up this year’s blog, and part of me thinks I need to begin posting every day now to catch up. It tends to be one extreme or the other with me, you know. ;-)

Instead, I have been reviewing some of the blog entries I’ve written in the intervening time but never posted and adding to my lists of ideas, even scribbling a couple of new entries in the last week or so. In short, I am not pushing myself. I’m going to see how this unfolds, and try not to beat myself up if I don’t meet this year’s goal of 55 posts while I’m 55. (But, of course, I’m still hoping I will return so fully to being a writer that I’ll magically meet my original commitment without pressuring myself!)

So, thank you for not giving up on me, and if I end up showering you with posts in the near future (!!!) I will hope it won’t be overwhelming or annoying.

Happy pagan new year, too!

Here is to the turning of the wheel. . . .

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