Tidings of Comfort and Joy (14)

I’ve felt happy again. Often. Dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “Cool Yule,” even feeling self-conscious wondering if Ted or Frank happened to see me through the kitchen window. Stepping outside the gate to get the Sunday paper, I close the gate behind me and just stand there looking at our mountains. I study the rooflines of the new houses being built on the other side of our little road and think even their looming presence can’t bury the glory of our mountain view. My joy ignites watching the house finches in the tray feeder, quiet, stolen moments while the mourning doves are away. I get happy over small things. Grinning in the bathroom mirror after a shower, wrapped in warm, clean clothes against the cold, patting my fat belly with something akin to affection. I almost giggle with glee when I climb into bed to eat my mushroom, kale, potato soup and watch re-runs of Parenthood, cozy on a winter night. Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.

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