Belated Good News!

Facebook announcement of the MVP finalists

Facebook announcement of the MVP finalists

I’m sorry now I didn’t post this here the very evening I heard Suzzanne’s message on my voicemail. It was after Laurie and I spent that day writing for over six hours. I’m convinced it’s all connected. Listening to my messages, tired at the end of that intense day of writing, I found out my book manuscript, You and Me, has been selected as one of ten finalists for the Many Voices Project at New Rivers Press. It still feels like a dream. I didn’t post the news right away because Suzzanne thought they would be gathering photos of each finalist, making an announcement on their website. I waited to tell you about it because I wanted to be able to offer up the link to that page, make it all real. Now it makes me sad I didn’t share the news while it was still hot, still streaking through my veins, the joy and the thrill, the incredible validation, the almost overwhelming gratitude. I don’t know exactly how many entries there were. Maybe 300 or so, Suzzanne thought. And it looks now as though they may not get a chance to post us on their website before the winner is selected, which could be at the end of this month. (They are a university press, run by a small staff, so I understand this. It’s likely they are already accomplishing more than is humanly possible.) Still, I love that they let us know right away, let each of us savor being selected while every one of us still has a chance of winning. I think it is a great kindness. I pray to keep my joy about this, to hold fast to my gratitude and to the deep validation in it no matter how things unfold. If my manuscript wins, I will rejoice like nobody’s business, leaping tall buildings in a single bound. And this time I promise I’ll tell you right away.

12 thoughts on “Belated Good News!

  1. so exicting, Riba. Glad you decided to post about this big recognition of your work. p.s. had fun reading the list of book titles — you can tell that each one is from a writer. But naturally I hope yours wins. : )

  2. Thanks, Laurie. I thought the titles were wonderful, too. Of course, my critic looked at them and thought how most of them were much “catchier” and more interesting and original-sounding than mine! Gads. :)

  3. totally Your critic, Riba, not mine! I am so intrigued by your title, have been pondering it since I saw it, contending w grammatical implications and wondering what on earth (and/or beyond) it might be about. Fascinating title you got there, girl. : ) Not to mention, one of my favorite topics too (at least the Me part.) hee.

  4. btw, I’m not worried about your grammar. To clarify, I mean it grabs the ear, exACTly what you want a title to do. (oops my critic says I’m critiquing and not to!) sigh.

  5. You are making me smile, Laurie. Just got back from another solo writing circle—did one 22-minute prompt. Funny that you should mention grammar. Originally the title was You and I but I changed it when I submitted it here. As far as I know, either way is correct—it depends on how you use it in a sentence! I decided to make it a little less formal. :)

  6. Oops! I hadn’t read your second post here when I replied above. But I didn’t think you were implying my grammar was wrong, though—of course!—that is always a possibility. ;-)

  7. wanted to say it’s more conversational in tone, You and Me. Glad you did a 22 min. write — and no distractions, one hopes. : ) As for grammar, maybe nowadays we can do what we want, or what feels fun for writing. Good ol’ Cole Porter maybe, “Anything Goes?” Fwiw, seems that using “Me” feels more intimate than “I.”

  8. Like I said, you and I and you and me are both correct depending on how they are used in the sentence. Since there was no sentence, I was safe choosing either one. :)

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