Cherimoya (34)

cherimoya sitting on the Saturday section of the L.A.Times

I am holding a bag of lemons. Should I buy one bag or two? The farmer is describing the cherimoyas to another customer. “They’re creamy like a custard,” he says. “They taste like vanilla and coconut.” I remember seeing them in Mexico, but I can’t remember if I ever ate one. I like the odd cactus and reptile look of them. I read the sign—it says $6 per pound. My mind must balk because it plays tricks with that. My lemons are $5 for a bag of nine. I have already counted. I think, oh, the cherimoyas are really cheap. They must not be very popular in this country. My mind is thinking they are six for a dollar. I choose one that is not yet ripe, select five tangerines, pay, too, for my lemons. After, I find out the cherimoya cost $3.40. Now it is sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting to ripen. I don’t know whether to hope I love it or hate it, though hating it would be easiest, I think. If I love it, I will have to buy more.

4 thoughts on “Cherimoya (34)

  1. Thank you, Riba. I am getting your money’s worth from the tasty photograph as well as your entry. As the 10th “Liked” here, it’s possible we each got 34¢ of flavor, even if we can only imagine a custard-coconut-vanilla experience. Hope this helps. : ) Let us know how this plays out.

  2. I do plan to write about the eating of it, Laurie! Or rather, I have written about the eating of it, and it is only a matter of getting it to my blog. :)

    And I love the idea of the 34 cents of flavor each. Hee hee hee.

  3. I love cherimoya! We had a tree up in the hills. And i remember it had a distinct fragrance of vanilla and pineapple. Haven’t eaten one since :-(

  4. Oh, having a tree would be very cool, Madhu. You must miss it. (Though you do have your mango tree!) As you probably know by now, I was especially in love with its seeds. And later I learned the skin and the seeds are both pretty toxic. Who knew?

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