If Only You Could Hear My Sparrows Sing (59)

I didn’t know if I was going to manage my 59 posts this year while I am 59. I lost so many large chunks of the year. For long weeks now, I was still hoping to pull it off, but I knew I might get here and find out I’d have to let go of it, have to let myself not meet my goal for the first time in eight years of this. And I know cranking them out doesn’t allow for as many “gems” as might otherwise occur. I even worry that this crazed flurry of posts might be annoying for some folks. But I feel pretty good about getting them done. And if they aren’t what they might have been given more time to grow on their own, they still tell my stories, yes? (Or that’s what I am telling myself.) I hope to return to one post each week while I’m sixty (and two posts for eight weeks in the year). So I won’t inundate you like this again, and I won’t desert you like I did this past year. I can’t promise, but I think I have a good shot at it. Thank you, my dear readers, for hanging in here with me this year. I didn’t expect to fall so crazily behind. But I’m glad I got caught up. I feel tired but satisfied. Now, if only the recordings I’ve been trying to make of my white crowned sparrows had turned out, so I could share that delight with you, too. Then I’d be tired and gleeful. Here’s to another year of blogging. And thank you all again, for coming, for visiting, for reading. It means a lot to me. You matter.

6 thoughts on “If Only You Could Hear My Sparrows Sing (59)

  1. Blogging comes when it comes — sometimes in bursts, sometimes scattered here and there across weeks. They’re all enjoyable to read; some of them touch me deeply.
    I’m proud of you, Riba —

  2. Oh, you’re so sweet, Bart. This is a dear thing to find waiting for me (and on the way in to do some grading, no less!). Thank you so much.

  3. Congratulations on reaching 59, both in age and blog!
    Marylou & Richard

  4. Thank you, Marylou and Richard! As you know, the blog was a close call. ;-)

    But turning 60 was easy! :)

  5. Oh, thank you, Madhu. I had a good birthday. And I was prepared to maybe not get to 59, but I’m really glad I did. ;-)

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