Tweet 13 Leaving

I gesture wildly so my mother can spot me, pressed up against the upstairs window of the train. We throw kisses, wave like little kids, not stopping until the train pulls away. After, a pool of sadness sits in me, and the image of her small waving form on the platform.

[13 of 30 in November, re-posted from today’s tweet @tryingmywings]

2 thoughts on “Tweet 13 Leaving

  1. Oh, thank you!

    I have never written tweets before—I’m finding it much more challenging than I expected, so this is lovely to hear. I also made this commitment to send a tweet every day in November without having any idea how hard that could be! And maybe that’s a good thing because I might have shied away from it otherwise. ;-)

    Thanks again for your note and for reading, too!

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