Reckoning (21)

Pucker up and kiss me. Delight me. I laugh at myself in the mirror. No demon on my shoulder today telling me what is wrong with me, why I don’t fit. Only the better angels who wonder if maybe I have just found myself in the wrong places with people who are so poised I feel less than, alien. I am so not poised, I think, laughing again at my reflection, loving this familiar face I see. “You have other strengths,” the not-demon whispers in my ear, and my face softens. Yes, I think. Yes. I have other strengths.

[Another piece from our spontaneous writing group. The words drawn for us to use were: alien, demon and pucker.]

2 thoughts on “Reckoning (21)

  1. Hi Riba, Just read the “Reckoning”; what a delightful piece of writing! I couldn’t help but smile.You do have other strengths; many, many other strengths.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Oh, what a dear note to find waiting, Richard! Thank you so much. For finding it “delightful.” For saying I have many other strengths. Makes me teary. ;-)

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