Sitting in the Dark (20)

light spilling out from kitchen window

This is something that needs saying. I’ve thought so again and again during the intervening months. It happened to me over and over through the long, grueling months of summer. Even though I was kind of a mess from our move. Even though my first foray into home ownership was riddled with distress. Even though in the bigger picture during that time I couldn’t have told you how glad I was we’d moved, couldn’t have said in any unequivocal way how much I loved our new home. Even though I’d crumbled in it all, I would still sit outside at night, and it would come to me in these small moments. I’d glance up at the kitchen window of our new old trailer home and see the light spilling out from it, and it spoke to me of welcome and all things good, all things inviting. “Look,” I’d say in the warm dark. “Just look at what we have.”

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