The Archaeologist (13)

New moon day, and I want to return to practicing my writer’s craft. I’ve missed it, this relationship with myself, with my imagined readers, known and unknown. I’ve missed the weight of my notebook propped against my thighs, the whisper of my hand inching across it, squiggly lines that harbor meaning etched in black upon the soft white page. I hope I am really returning to my writing now, but I tell myself even only an entry or two for my blog will be a victory. Still, I am hoping for more. I want it back, a part of my days. I can’t say exactly what has kept me away. It is not lack of time, I know, though for a few months I did have less of it. More, if I would guess, it is an unwillingness to meet myself here. But I miss my writer self. And I don’t want this to be my reason, to not want to look or to dig, to refuse to unearth. I want to be willing to scrape away the layers of dirt again, pour water like rain, the hidden made clean, resurrected. I want to thrive again among the new-washed relics.

7 thoughts on “The Archaeologist (13)

  1. PS: I think you should add sharing buttons to your posts (Dashboard> Settings> Sharing) to make it easier for readers to share on Twitter and the likes.

  2. Funny, I just said the same thing in response to your comment on another post, Madhu—that I hope I really am back this time! Oh, I thought my settings DID allow sharing—I’ll go hunt that down again. Thanks! :)

  3. Hmmm. Weird. The “Share” button is showing for most of my posts but not for all of them—not sure what that means.

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