Learning Laughter (25)

I’m learning to laugh more. I’ve wanted more laughter in my life for a long time. But it’s so much easier to laugh with other people. I’ve been blessed with that, with people in my life who I can laugh with until I cry, until we exhaust ourselves, hands against our aching bellies, sated with hilarity. I had fun laughing in the audience at the Camelot theater and vowed to make a point of that more often, that shared public laughter an unexpected sweetness. But more and more I seem to find it by myself, that sudden burst of it while I’m alone, going about my day, or the quieter impulse to giggle. I’ve always been able to amuse myself, have been lucky that way, too. It doesn’t seem to matter to me that often I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny. But except for the occasional guffaw over a well-delivered line in a movie or a funny moment in a book, I’ve tended to be quiet about it. Or maybe I used to laugh more when I was alone, and I can’t remember. But now I find myself doing it more and more, alone in my trailer or out in the courtyard, some stray thought that catches me, that quick, loud bark of laughter, the bray and the snort of it. It makes me grin to be writing about it. I curl my toes, impish and shy, and eager for more.

8 thoughts on “Learning Laughter (25)

  1. I think it was John Barth who convincingly posited that laughter makes us human. Not sure where plaque fits in, though. : )
    Have enjoyed these offerings, your posts today, Riba. Many thanks.

  2. Well, it certainly makes us happier, yes? Though I would venture that certain animals have a rather developed sense of humor, as well, but I guess most don’t laugh out loud! Hee hee hee. :)

    Thanks very much, Laurie. I’m so glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Did wonder about the plaque myself :-D

    Your writing is evocative of your healing process Riba. Happy to see you happy :-)

  4. Not sure about what you guys are saying about the plaque! What am I missing??!!? ;-)

    Thanks, Madhu. Fingers crossed!

  5. Not sure if you guys are teasing about the plaque comments. It was in an earlier post, yes? The guy who didn’t believe in plaque, and therefore his teeth didn’t have any??!!? Oh, but the title of that one was just for fun (“The Power of Plaque”). . . .

  6. just trying to get a laugh, about plaque. You already DID make me laugh w your Power of Plaque title. I laughed and got that healing feeling. : )

  7. Oh, good! I thought you were being funny. But then when Madhu commented, I started to wonder. She was probably just being funny, too! :)

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