Mockingbird Layers (28)

Yesterday morning I heard a mockingbird singing on the telephone pole outside my bedroom window. It had been singing for a while before it came to me–this was the first mockingbird song I’d heard in months. I lay in bed and let it wash through me, the pleasure and the delight and all the many layers of mockingbird meaning laid down over time. My big love brought the mockingbird to my world fourteen years ago. I still think of him sometimes when I hear one, the two of us sitting at the kitchen table in my Santa Rosa apartment on a warm summer night, the mockingbird’s song drifting in the open windows from somewhere in the nearby dark. I still have never read To Kill a Mockingbird, though I think an old tattered copy of it may still be somewhere in my closet. I have picked one up more than once through the years from one musty used bookstore or another. I think I have been both intrigued and afraid to read it. Does a mockingbird die? Last Wednesday night the Camelot Theater was showing the film with Gregory Peck. I’d hoped to ride my bike to see it and try out my new headlight, but I let my work get the best of me. Today I read in the morning paper that Harper Lee is having a second novel published in July. Now I think I must read her first one, and watch the movie, too. And if I love it, there will be a sequel waiting. I like few things better than getting to read more about characters I’ve come to love. Maybe I’ll make it another mockingbird summer.

6 thoughts on “Mockingbird Layers (28)

  1. Wish I had read this earlier… I would have loved to “borrow” it for my mockingbird photo post.

  2. Sweet Riba — I think you and the Mockingbirds will be safe reading the books (not to give away plots and bird fates.) ahh warm evenings and loves.

  3. Oh! We both posted about “our” mockingbirds on the same day, Roslyn! And I wished I’d had a photo of mine on the telephone pole. (Yours absolutely looks like a mockingbird, BTW.)

    And as I am typing I can hear one singing this morning from the other direction! :)

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