Forgive this Flurry? (48)

I am inclined to ask for your forgiveness in advance for this flurry of posts as I work toward 56 posts while I’m still 56. I have a handful of days left, and two handfuls of posts remaining. But even as I want to apologize for flooding your email with new posts, a different voice tells me its okay. I think maybe even if you don’t have time to read them, you won’t mind seeing them in your inbox. Does that mean I don’t need to assure you that once I’m 57 things will slow down again? But I do want to keep them coming, one each week, five weeks with two posts. Every year I wonder how long I might keep this up. If I am still doing this when I’m 88, then 36 weeks of the year will need to have two posts. When I started I was 52, so it was the perfect fit. I don’t aspire to being 104 and still blogging, but you never know. I let go of this blog so completely last summer, I wasn’t sure I’d ever reach 56 posts. But I didn’t like giving up on it, so here I am. Tonight I am sick but still typing. I am debating what to name next year’s blog. I’m pretty sure the 57 will rhyme with heaven. What photo will I choose? A shot of clouds on our mountains might work, but I don’t have a good one. I have to make that always wrenching decision, too, about whether or not to pick a theme this year or leave things open again. But tonight I just need to finish this one post and trust the rest will unfold as it may. And tonight, too, I feel glad for you, my readers, and for knowing you will not only forgive me for this flurry of posts—you may even embrace them. So, thank you for that. I can’t tell you how good it feels to think that may be true.

2 thoughts on “Forgive this Flurry? (48)

  1. Dear Riba,
    Like your flurry of posts, this is my flurry of “Likes”! I always read your posts as I receive them, but have been very tardy responding. I think your writing just gets better and better. Looking forward to our celebration of your birthday.

  2. Oh, thank you, Marylou! I am looking forward to it, too. And how lovely to hear you think my writing is getting better! :)

    And I welcome all flurries of “Likes”!!! I get email copies, too, so sometimes I will go in and there will be a bunch of them there. It always makes me feel good. I appreciate you making a point of doing that. Very sweet for me!

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