Salud (9)

I didn’t plan it. It just turned out this way, a surprising convergence of energies as if in preparation for my Vipassana retreat. I leave tomorrow, seven days in the high desert, silence, insight dialog, lots of sitting practice. I finished the semester’s grading late last night. On Monday I met my vow this year to get my home together inside and out before the heat of summer when (I finally understand) you have to just hunker down, get through the brutal heat, expect yourself to do only what is required. I wiped down books and boxed them, stacked things in the bathroom in the in between time. It was a lot like moving only not being forced into the work of it. And for nine days now I’ve been only eating watermelon and salads of cucumber, radish and tomatoes. (I’d been eating badly and too much. I needed this, my own odd twist of a fruit and vegetable fast.) But I didn’t plan to do it as preparation for my retreat. Like I didn’t plan to become newly freed from the awful weight of my messy, filthy trailer just before I left, or to be able to wrap up my semester, say goodbye to my students, post the final grades. But here I am, poised to go on my first retreat longer than one day. And thanks to the kindness of the universe, my house is in order, both literally and figuratively. I feel freed up, ready, eager, a little afraid. And oh so grateful I am arriving clean. Here’s to what’s to come.

3 thoughts on “Salud (9)

  1. Salud. So happy for you, Riba. Thanks for writing about this and about other things as well. And buen viajes.
    : )

  2. Have a great time at your retreat, Riba. What a great way to wrap up the wrapping up of the semester and a nice springboard into the summer. Love the fruit/veggie “fast” idea — I might try that after my sister leaves. She’s flown out from Texas for an educational tech conference in San Jose then is coming up to spend the weekend with Bill and me. Here’s wishing you all the comfort and insight and peace that can come with these kinds of events.

  3. Oh, thank you both so much! It is almost midnight, and I am finally all packed and everything is taken care of. (You should see the set up I have left for the birds while I’m away!) I was about to go to bed when I realized I hadn’t finished my last set of work “rounds,” so I pulled out the laptop again. I’m glad I did, though, so I got to see your sweet good wishes! Thank you, Laurie! Thank you, Bart! You guys made my night. :)

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