After Chavasana (12)

Branches, sky and clouds

Today was cloudy. I began doing my qi gong in a long sleeved shirt and a heavy vest that I had to take off halfway through. By the time I start my yoga, I am wearing my light T-shirt with the hummingbirds on the front because the sun’s come out. I turn my back to it to do my sun salutations. After chavasana, I lie on my back on my yoga mat. Almost all the clouds are gone, and the sky is a deeper blue than I remember seeing in ages. The only clouds left are in the middle of my sky, backdrop for our palo verde. I lie in the courtyard longer than I mean to, watch the green branches against the white clouds, relish the blue of the sky. White crowned sparrows flit from pavement to tree to pavement again. Sable pounces toward a mourning dove on the ground who gets away. The breeze comes, and the goldfinch sway on the palo verde’s green tips. I hear the chimes. I know I need to get up, but I keep lying here. I hug my knees to my chest, wiggle my bare toes, marvel at December in Palm Springs.

2 thoughts on “After Chavasana (12)

  1. Well that’s it, you’ve convince me. I’m moving to Palm Springs! ;) until then, I’ll just be up North of you shivering!

  2. I still think the summers are brutal (and this last year we had six months of summer!) but you can’t beat the winters here, so come on down! :)

    I think often about how spoiled I am getting. Winters in Mexico were pretty amazing, too. I worry sometimes I am ruling out a good part of the world as time goes by. . . . ;-)

    Thank you for your note!

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