Unexpected (29)

I look up when I open the gate, and the small sliver of our waning moon hangs in the rich autumn-blue sky. At the sight I feel met, reassured, lightened. I ride my bike, my pretty new Carrot Girl, to Marylou and Richard’s. This morning I am playing elf. I leave violets and a Ziploc full of bird seed on the back porch to welcome them home. After, I buy bags of Nyger at True Value, pack them on my bike and ride off. I’m glad I didn’t leave things for later in the day because it’s already hot even though we’ve finally touched the relief of fall. I see someone on the sidewalk ahead of me, so I move to the street. There are no cars, no other people, just the two of us heading north. I hear mockingbirds in the cottonwoods to the right. It’s the first time I’ve heard them in months. “The mockingbirds begin,” I breathe, thrilled. It sounds like they’re tuning up, tapping into snatches of their repertoire, not quite breaking into song. I can see now it’s a man ahead of me, short, brown-skinned, something tied to his back, his stride easy. I pull even, and he looks over, surprised but not startled. When I turn toward him I’m already smiling, content on my bike, on this morning, on this quiet street. He grins, nods, his whole face open. I grin back and ride past, infused with joy, with the warmth of our rare, brief intimacy, so easy and glad. I ride home beside the jacarandas, weaving in and out of their shade, and hope that quick moment of connection made him feel good, too.

6 thoughts on “Unexpected (29)

  1. Ha! You are sweet. Thank you, Laurie.

    I like to think he felt the same way. And thanks for popping in, too, and for liking this “lonely” post. ;-)

  2. Oops! I got confused. It was the previous one that got so little notice. Maybe this one will be different, and you are pioneering it here! :)

  3. I saw earlier post too but afraid to Like every one or else I’d seem undiscriminating, if that’s a word. Now I gotta go back and re-read it. Probably won’t “Like” it — my reputation to uphold. : ) Glad your Mockingbirds are back and YOU’re back on the Carrot Girl “horse.” Happy Autumn.

  4. Ha ha ha. No, of course I don’t ever want people to feel like they need to like a post, and I DO want people to be honest and discriminating! ;-)

    I guess I do end up feeling like people aren’t reading them when they don’t get any likes, and clearly that’s not true. But I also notice that it seems to depend on the timing a lot, too. Sometimes my favorite posts don’t get much “obvious” attention.

    Thanks, Laurie! :)

  5. This is a very sweet one! We are looking forward to meeting Carrot Girl. Hope she is as
    beautiful and friendly as Celery Girl. The birds here are still mad at us for leaving them high and dry this summer. Not a one yet at the feeders.
    Happy End of September
    Marylou & Richard

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