Traveling Light (21)

I make myself a little crazy when I travel. There are so many things I need to do before I go, and such a clear end point. I’m used to being able to move my undone tasks to tomorrow. In the time before my camping trip, my writing workshop, I keep tensing up. Then I notice. I relax my shoulders. I exhale. I send up little wishes and tell myself all will be well (and all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well). The prep I still need to do for my fall classes is only part of it. I bought an automatic bird feeder, and I fret about it arriving in time from Amazon. I have to cut my fingernails, my toenails, shave my legs. There is still some fiddling I need to do in my courtyard garden, adjusting timers, moving the pot of aloe vera that won’t get watered by my mister when I’m not here, adding an extra line to the honeysuckle. Should I tie the umbrellas down? I decide and un-decide eight times. I mentally pack and unpack my bag, juggling priorities. I’m taking the train, so I need to pare things down. In between, I think about seeing the Milky Way splashed across the night sky, of writing through a lazy mountain afternoon, of laughing at breakfast. Even the delight of burrowing into my checkered alpaca sweater I found at that garage sale in my old neighborhood and almost never get to wear, the thrill of cold air against my face, fresh from a Palm Springs summer. I hear my house finches chattering though the open kitchen window, and I know I am so lucky in both my little home and my upcoming trip. The green sarong flung across the window to block the afternoon sun is flapping in the breeze. I get a goofy grin on my face. I’m going on an adventure.

6 thoughts on “Traveling Light (21)

  1. Have a good time. Small potatoes are small potatoes, and you seem to know that. It’s hard to stop worrying. But the more you immerse yourself in those delights, the less you worry. Getting out of town, Palm Springs, that sounds good.

  2. Yes to immersing myself in the present delights! I am eager for that to be true more and more. Thursday I remembered to keep returning to the moment. Yesterday I lost sight of it for hours!

    It is good to see you here again, Bumba. Thanks for commenting. I like the small potatoes. If only I can learn to truly let them BE small potatoes. ;-)

    Thanks again.

  3. We seem to share the same pre departure jitters! I depend hugely on lists to lighten the frenzy a bit. Hope you are having a blast Riba!

  4. Yes! I did make a huge messy list! A few items and tasks were abandoned. Now I am here and, yes, it is wonderful! Thanks, Madhu. :)

    Oh, and I wouldn’t have imagined your jitters with all the traveling you do! That is comforting to hear. But I guess that means I might not get better with more practice, hmmm??!!? ;-)

  5. I always have travel jitters… which are linked to the list-making and packing. Each trip I take less with me because I’m learning that traveling light is truly the best way to go. Enjoy your time away, Riba!

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