From Stark to Lush in Less than a Year (40)

sunflower volunteers, wild patch of garden

I have just ridden my bike home from the farmers market. I unlatch the redwood gate, still straddling my bike, and position myself to waddle through. The gate opens inward, and as it swings open, my courtyard is revealed in a slow arc of color. For that span of time, the gate in slow motion, the hidden life coming into view, I have this lovely sensation of coming into a lush garden. The sweep of the gate opens to our palo verde, the wild patch of volunteer sunflowers from the bird feeder, the crazed dandelion “bush” I’ve been harvesting. What was once all stark concrete and pavers now holds this wash of color, these vibrant beings. The feeling seems to mirror my experience the other night walking in the dark, more an awareness of the body than the mind. I take in the surprising whoosh of life with the wonder of a child. Then my mind catches up, and I place this feeling beside my sadness of the other night. Maybe this is where our beginning layers of aliveness live, I think. And I feel grateful for our home with our secret courtyard garden. May she burgeon on.

4 thoughts on “From Stark to Lush in Less than a Year (40)

  1. Riba,
    You have created a secret garden. It’s lovely and so welcoming.
    Also on your prior entry, we saw that rainbow but didn’t have our camera. Can you email
    us the photo??

  2. I will be happy to email it, Marylou! But I’m afraid it isn’t the same rainbow. Remember, I rolled over and went back to sleep!

    This is an earlier rainbow I took over “our” mountain. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Madhu! Always a pleasure to see you here. Though I don’t know how you do more than simply keep up with your own (outrageously!) busy blog. You are amazing. :)

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