More Musings from the Kitchen Sink (42)

Sunday night I made a bold move. I retired my old scrubbie and Trader Joe’s kitchen cloth to a home beneath the sink, relegated now to dirtier tasks. Monday I am washing dishes with the new pristine scrubbie. I feel exuberant with morning energy, new day joy. The perfect aqua kitchen cloth sitting wet at the edge of the sink makes me happy, too. Should I take a picture of this one, like the yellow one? I imagine a series of photographs of kitchen cloths lined up at eye level across a white gallery wall. I don’t know how many have come between this delicious aqua and the famed yellow one. I know the last one was orange, probably the last two since I cut them in half. When I decided to splurge and spring the new ones from the drawer, I actually had to think about it first. The old ones weren’t terrible yet. As I run the new soapy scrubbie inside one of the cats’ dinner bowls I think about how this level of frugality came from having an immigrant mother. I am so white, so middle class, I forget I am the daughter of an immigrant. It shapes you, makes you different. Today my mother probably wouldn’t think twice about switching out her kitchen cloths, but it came to me when she was young, when she was new to this country. I think about how frugality is good, how not being wasteful is important for the environment, too, the right thing. I even picture my old scrubbie and cloth in the landfill. Then I tell myself these are small things. I try to be careful. I’m not dumping a television set. I finish washing the dishes, run a dry cloth along the edge of the counter. I think about how the sight of the aqua cloth beside the sink makes me happy. People will think I’m crazy. There she goes again, that odd, twisty woman and her kitchen cloths. But I’m glad I liberated the new ones. It seems like a small indulgence for all that goofy pleasure. I decide to be reckless and retire this new pair at an even earlier age.

6 thoughts on “More Musings from the Kitchen Sink (42)

  1. That is so funny, Madhu! Maybe there is a whole community of us then! ;-)

    I am as you know “churning” out more posts to meet my original goal of 55 while I’m 55 (after falling away from it so dramatically for so long during this past year), so I absolutely find myself “reaching” for things to write about. When I was writing this I was thinking something along the lines of “oh my gosh—how goofy or boring is this??!!” I decided it was okay because it revealed something about me. It never occurred to me anyone else might be able to relate to that part.

    I love that you do!

    Made my afternoon. :)

  2. Madhu and Riba, I do this too! Cut microfiber cloth to fit under my hand and dry faster. Cut bigger size to wipe across the floor under a rubber broom. Cut scrubbie to fit inside glassware. Not a clean-nik, just like preserving and having things my size. : )

  3. I am just so charmed that other people can relate to this, Laurie! I can see it now—my book about cleaning “utensils,” kitchen sinks and other household chores. :)

  4. then, you might like this, a quote that came in today from Gratefulness site;
    >> When one is able to overcome the romantic and emotional attitude, one discovers truth even in the kitchen sink.
    Chögyam Trungpa
    (I’m still romantic and emotional, and fond of your writing ideas.)

  5. Yes, I am fond of the romantic and the emotional, Laurie! ;-)

    But this is fun. It strikes me as a wonderful example of how things that come into our awareness come in more than once. Like when you learn a new word, and then you see if three times during the next week.

    Here’s to kitchen sink truths! :)

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