Mockingbird Practice (56)

I have a mockingbird this spring who comes nearby and sings to us during the night. He seems to be a bit awkward about it. I think he might be young, just learning how to mimic, still growing into his song. His repertoire seems limited, his delivery stilted. It doesn’t flow from one sound to the next. I picture him out there practicing, trying hard to get each sound right. Maybe in the longer pauses he tries to remember a new sound to do next. It makes me smile, imagining. I hope it is a good effort for him, the kind of concentrating on something we love that requires all of our attention but can feel almost effortless. I hope he feels like that, all intense focus and deep joy and nothing of angst, of worrying he may not be as good as his cousin or as quick to learn. I hope he is pleased with his efforts. I’ve never noticed a mockingbird learning his song, though maybe even the adults practice to master new sounds. It make me feel a little vulnerable, my heart softened for him in his youngness, his big fresh desire, his newness in this world of ours. May he be well loved along the way, and may his songs unfold over time, seamless and soulful in the dark, quiet night.

6 thoughts on “Mockingbird Practice (56)

  1. Thanks, Laurie. And we do seem to have more of them this year! And yes, it is like being serenaded for our birthdays, like they do in Mexico for Mother’s Day and other special occasions—musicians and singing outside people’s homes in the wee hours of the morning. :)

  2. “seamless and soulful in the dark, quiet night” — I think this must be the anthem for anyone who wants to create something fundamentally new for themselves. Lovely work, Riba.

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