Sit—Write with Us (45)

Thursday we’re going to meet at the community center to write. I’m thinking short, timed freewriting, what Natalie Goldberg calls “writing practice.” She’s known for saying, “Shut up and write,” though maybe more to herself than to others. I don’t like the shut up part, but I like the process. I’ll bring my collection of popsicle sticks, mostly Goldberg writing prompts and a smattering of others. I’ll bring my timer. We’ll write for ten minutes, or maybe eleven. Then we’ll read what we’ve written and go for eleven minutes more. I need to make a flyer, but I don’t worry about it. Laurie and I will begin on Thursday with whoever else hears about it and shows up. A drop-in group, I’ll call it when I write something up. I need this. I’m pretty sure I need this almost as much as I need sleep. So I’m glad we’re just going to begin, the hell with planning. I get to sit in a room with other people writing, our pens making scratching sounds as we scribble across the pages before us. I get to read my unedited words out loud, listen to what others have written, performing together the alchemy I may not have words for but believe in with all of me. Change both visceral and ethereal, the magic of spontaneous writing. I thank you in advance.

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