Egret Tryptich Finale (55)

I am riding across the bridge on Sunrise in the afternoon weeks later. I glance down toward the golf course and see a handful of egrets wading in the shallow water. It takes me by surprise. I’ve only seen my lone egret all this time. I try to find him in the cluster of birds, but no one looks quite like him. They all seem smaller, less regal. I am flabbergasted in some odd way. Where did they all come from? Does he know they’re here? Could these guys become his friends, his family? Later I see my neighbors on the creek path. They ask me if I’ve seen the egret. Yes, I tell them. And I tell them about the ones I saw by the overpass. They seem as surprised as I am. I think about the photographer, about the man in the red hat. I wonder how many more we are, imagine scores of us each having a relationship with this one exquisite bird. What did our egret think of all our attention? And then for a moment I wonder if he is more than an egret.

9 thoughts on “Egret Tryptich Finale (55)

  1. well, just the cat and Michael and me. That’s everyone here. Then, yesterday walking, saw 3 snowy egrets aloft, thought of you and “your” egret.

  2. Oh, good. I’m glad the cat enjoyed it, too!

    See! There are more egrets now! Sweet to know they made you think of me.

    Thanks, Laurie. :)

  3. That is an Eastern concept…..perhaps you – and the others – knew him in a previous birth!! Belated, but warm birthday wishes Riba :-)

  4. Yes! I am a believer in reincarnation! But he may have been a shapeshifter, too, eh? Or some other magical being. ;-)

  5. Congratulations on completing your 55 at 55 blog! Forgive my tardiness in adding my “Likes”.
    As you know, I’ve had a lot going on lately. But, just had my last HOA meeting as President
    today. CELEBRATION TIME for both of us!!!

  6. Oh, please never worry about being tardy here, my dear! It’s just so sweet that you take the time to do this. I hadn’t realized you still had one more meeting. Congratulations, Marylou! So so so glad you are going to get to live free of this now! :)

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